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Our story

Who we are & where it all started.

Our success as a business cannot just be about a stamp or sign. Our commitment to the local communities that welcome us in, as well as our wider responsibilities in terms of our environmental impact is a keystone of who we are.

Our fruitful journey began in January, 2017 and since then this local food hub has become one of Pune’s busiest and best-loved food joints.

We make almost everything on the premises and take the trouble to source locally, sustainably and ethically.

In a span of 2 years, we have managed to expand from 1 outlet to the 6 outlets in several corporate areas of Pune City, thanks to the overwhelming response by our customers & associates.

All of our locations is perfectly-positioned suntrap, the Nashta Xpress is the ideal place to watch the world go by while tucking into our evergreen Wada Pav and sipping on Garam Irani Chai!!

We’re open 7 days a week, serving breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, with a special brunch menu on Sundays.

Our moto as a business is to Build Better Things, be it spaces, our food & drinks, but most importantly – the society and communities in which we serve. All of this we do because we want to be the epic soulful eating house chain we think the people need. Why Choose Us – Ethically sourced, affordable, value-driven, fresh, healthy and excellent quality. Our Best-Selling on the Menu – Irani Chai, Wada Pav, Misar & Bread Pattice

Each of our restaurant is designed exceptionally unique & wonderfully local.

We want to remain a food hub that is identified, recommended and re-visit to.

About the Partners

An Exquisite Foodie and a Software Engineer professionally, Mr. Kunal Gholap perceived the necessity of hot, crispy and fresh meals at affordable prices for local communities. A combined vision in 2017, of having start a Food chain serving efficient quality food has gained a remarkable acceptance with 6 branches overall with more building in loop. A great challenge & bold career choice has now opened up franchise doors for Nashta Xpress.

Kunal Gholap

A similar case as Mr. Kunal Gholap, entering the food industry has been a transforming change and evolvement of new learnings every day. A Human Resource Professional and a passion for contemporary variety of food, Mr. Shakti Badgujr has successfully managed to create a name, with collective efforts in the long run as one of the Best eating & hangout places in Pune.

Shakti Laxman Badgujr

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  • Shop no 2 , The Global Business Hub in front of EON IT hub, Kharadi, Pune
  • reservation@domain.com
  • +91 853 000 8855